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5 Qualities Which Every Landscaper Should Possess

How to Recognize if a Landscaper is Reliable.

Many of our customers say that they are sick of amateur landscaping contractors. That is why we decided to publish an article with some of the qualities you should look for when you seek a landscaper.

  1. Experience matters! Many landscaping contractors provide their services only as a summer job. That is a certain sign that they will not provide professional service to you. Experience is the main quality which separates a good from a bad landscaper. Only a company that has been around for many years, can guarantee your satisfaction with their service. If someone that provides landscaping for a couple of months says that they can do “wonders” with your yard, you shouldn’t trust them.
  2. License and insurance. When hiring a landscaping contractor, you should always ask, if they are licensed and insured. If the company doesn’t possess a license and insurance, that is the simplest evidence that they are not trustworthy.
  3. Rates. There are many landscaping companies that not only provide bad service to their customers, but also charge them with overpriced rates. A professional company should provide their landscaping services at competitive prices, and even give discounts. We advise you always to ask a landscaper for his rates before hiring him.
  4. Satisfaction guaranteed! If a landscaping company says that they guarantee your satisfaction with their services, this means they are the right choice for you.
  5. Additional service. When we speak of landscaping, we should consider that some customers want to be serviced at unusual hours. That is why a good landscaping contractor will be glad to provide his clients with additional working hours.

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